Course Objective

The Netrich IT Solutions CCIE Security Bootcamp consists of a set of practice exercises covering all protocols tested in the CCIE lab exam. They are aimed at engineers preparing for the CCIE lab exam who already understand the theory of the protocols being tested

This bootcamp is the next step to fully understanding complex CCIE level technologies. Every possible technology you need to know for the CCIE Security lab will be described in extremely verbose detail using what we call a “Cavernous” approach. This approach combines an overview with a instructor-led class walk through the every interface found in the CCIE Lab Exam. In the walk-through, the instructor will discuss with the students all possible aspects of configuration, then demonstrate those technologies, and go into expert level troubleshooting. This will all be done live, while fielding questions from students throughout the demonstration. This live question-taking will facilitate diving even deeper into subjects than if an instructor simply recorded demonstrations, as different students will inevitably pose questions and scenarios in different ways.