Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course Content

  1.       Getting Started with Microsoft Azure
  •   What is cloud computing?
  •   What is Azure?
  •   Managing Azure
  •   Subscription management, support, and billing
  •   Lab: Using the Azure portals
  •   Customizing the Azure portal interface
  •   Viewing billing, usage, and quotas data
  • Microsoft Azure management tools
  1.  What is Azure Power Shell
  • The Azure SDK and the Azure CLI
  •  Lab : Using Microsoft Azure management tools
  •   Using the Azure Power Shell modules
  •   Use the Azure CLI
  • Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

 .         3.  Creating and configuring VMs

  •   Configure disks
  •   Lab : Creating a VM in Azure
  •   Create a VM from the Azure Portal by using an Azure Marketplace image
  •   Verify the functionality of the VM
  •   Configure storage of a VM
  • Web Apps and cloud services

 .       4.  Creating and configuring web apps

  •   Deploying and monitoring web apps
  •  Creating and deploying PaaS cloud services
  •   Lab : Web Apps and cloud services
  •   Creating and configuring a Word Press web app
  •   Create a cloud service
  •  Creating and configuring virtual networks

 .      5   Getting started with virtual networks

  •  Creating a virtual network
  • Getting started with Azure Load Balancers
  •   Lab : Create a virtual network
  •   Creating a virtual network
  •   Verifying virtual network functionality
  • Cloud storage
  1.    Understanding cloud storage
  •  Create and manage storage
  •   Lab : Configure Azure Storage
  •   Create an Azure Storage account
  •   Create and manage blobs
  •    Microsoft Azure databases
  1.      Understanding options for relational database deployment
  •   Creating and connecting to Azure SQL databases
  •   Lab : Creating a SQL Database in Azure
  •   Create a new Azure SQL database in Azure and configure SQL Server firewall rules
  •   Manage content of an Azure SQL database by using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Creating and managing Azure AD
  1.      Overview of Azure AD
  •   Manage Azure AD authentication
  •   Lab : Create users in Azure Active Directory tenants
  •   Create users in Azure AD
  •   Create a new Azure AD Tenant and a custom DNS domain